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How do I add elements/content to my Homepage?
How do I add elements/content to my Homepage?
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The homepage of your App is where your customers first land when they open the App, like the homepage of your website. So, let's make sure it pops and engages your customers from the get-go!

Make sure to feature and highlight your most important and relevant content, such as:

  • Main & Popular Product Collections

  • New & Most Wanted Products

  • New & Seasonal Product Releases

  • Promotions & Sales

  • Key Information & Messaging: Delivery Information, Contact, & FAQs

  • Other Valuable Content/Media: Blogs, Brand Guides, & Size Guides

Your homepage should be the destination for vital and engaging content, ensuring a happy customer journey from end to end.

Below are the elements you can use to add all your most important content, products, and collections to your homepage. Please find a description of each below.

Click on the title of each element below to learn how to add it to your App.


  • Collection Grid: A stacked grid of collections that modifies its distribution and alignment layouts automatically to fit into the given space. A seamless and intuitive way for your customers to click straight into collections.

  • Featured Collection: This element gives customers the ability to swipe through a collection of products straight from the homepage. You can modify the flow layout for unique and engaging animations.

  • Collection List: A horizontally swiping list of collections that can be used for featured brands or categories of products.


  • Image with Text: Upload an image to promote a flash sale or a popular item. This element can link to a collection, product, blog or website without leaving the app. There are two layout options for this element, stacked & overlay.

  • Slideshow: Upload up to 10 images to a slideshow.


  • Rich Text: Quickly engage with your customers by welcoming them to the app or speaking more about your brand, feature key messaging, or use as titles to segment the homepage into sections.


  • Video: Upload video content to make your app come to life. We recommend videos under 10MB to optimise load times for mobile devices using roaming data.

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