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How can I add custom filters?
How can I add custom filters?
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Setting up custom filters on StoreLab is a quick and easy process. If you would like to know how to turn filters on, please click here for our guide on activating the feature.

In order to add your own custom filters, there are a few easy steps for you to follow as listed below:

1. Navigate to the ‘Filters’ tab within "settings" on the StoreLab web app. Once you do, you will be greeted by a screen that looks like this:

2. To add your own custom filters, click on ‘Add Filter’.

You will then have the option of automatically feeding in the filters you have set on Shopify, or alternatively, creating manual custom filters specifically for your mobile app. If you were to choose ‘Colour’ as a filter category and want StoreLab to use the colour variants you already have on your Shopify store, please leave the box selected to ‘All Values’ and then click ‘Add Filter’.

3. If you want to create custom filters, instead of choosing ‘All Values’ underneath the 'Filter Label', please choose ‘Manual Values’ and then start adding whichever fields you want your customers to be able to choose from.

4. Once you have correctly set up all your various filters and added them, your filter screen will look similar to the one below

Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you need assistance setting up your filters.

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