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How do I set up my developer accounts?
How do I set up my developer accounts?

Learn how to set up your Apple & Google developer accounts

Updated over a week ago

The process of setting up developer accounts is fairly straightforward, albeit slightly arduous. It is for this reason that we have prepared detailed step-by-step documentation for how to get these accounts set up and you can access them both here:

At the end of each document, you'll find a link taking you to the second stage of each platform’s sign up process.

Once you've been through the steps, you'll need to wait to hear back from both Apple & Google (this can take it up to 2 weeks, but is currently taking 3-4 days on average). Once you hear back from both companies, you'll want to proceed with the second link at the end of the documents and complete those steps successfully. Once you have gotten through the second stage, your developer accounts will be all set up!

If any of this is slightly confusing at any points, you are also more than welcome to reach out to a member of our Implementation Team who can arrange a call with you to help you through these steps.

If you’d like to book some time in, please feel free to reach out to your Implementation Expert or simply click here.

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