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How much time do I need to design an app?
How much time do I need to design an app?
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Designing your app through StoreLab is quick and easy.

Since the most complicated work is taken care of automatically (i.e transferring all of your products, product images, collections, product descriptions and pricing into the app), all you're left to do is the aesthetic work.

As we've made this process as simple as possible, most of our merchants can have their app completely designed and tested in as little as a few hours. We typically recommend taking up to 48 hours as good practice, ensuring that your App looks and performs exactly the way you want it to.

If you’d like our team’s best tips for building your app, please watch our video tutorial on ‘How To Build a Highly Converting Mobile App’. Alternatively, you can read our blog on app design best practices.

Note: Whilst building the app can be done in a few hours, getting the app approved by the Apple and Google play stores can take a couple of weeks.

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