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How do I preview my App on my device?
How do I preview my App on my device?
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Want to see your new app as you build it?

You can preview your app design in real time from your smartphone using our StoreLab preview App.

1.. Download the preview App from your phone’s app store by clicking this link for iOS or this link for Android. You can also find it by searching “StoreLab” within either the Apple or Google App Store.

2. Open your Shopify Dashboard on your computer browser.

3. Click into the StoreLab App Builder.

4. Click on the “Design” tab from the navigation bar at the top of the StoreLab Platform.

5. Within the Design tab, click on the “Preview on Device” button in the upper right-hand corner of the App builder. Circled below.

6. A popup will appear. “Preview App on your Mobile Device” with a QR code. Circled below.

7. On your mobile device, open the newly downloaded StoreLab Preview App.

8. Once the App has loaded, click on the camera icon. Circled below.

9. With your phone camera, scan the QR code on your computer screen.

10. Your App will then load on your device!

Tip: If you want to get feedback on your App design from your team or others, screenshot the QR and have them download the StoreLab preview App to view it from their devices!

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