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What is an integration?
What is an integration?
Updated over a week ago

Any third party app you use on your Shopify store that's installed from the Shopify App Store, such as Klaviyo or Trustpilot, is known as an integration. In many cases, third party integrations are vital to Shopify businesses and at StoreLab, we understand that some businesses require certain functionality to flourish.

If there's a third party application you currently use on your website which you wish to replicate on your mobile application through StoreLab, our development team would need to build an integration for you (assuming it has not previously been built).

Our team works incredibly hard to accommodate the majority of integration requests we get and we prioritise these integrations based on popular demand. The more requests we get, the faster we get an integration done.

You can learn more about our entire list of integrations by clicking here.

If there's any integration that we do not currently offer which you feel would be beneficial to your business, please click here to learn more about requesting integrations.

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