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What Integrations are coming in the future?
What Integrations are coming in the future?
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At StoreLab, we are always looking to add more integrations as we continue to grow. The best part is, we do this for all of our users no matter if you're on DIY or Professional.

You can find a list of our upcoming integrations in the ‘Settings’ tab of your StoreLab dashboard, under ‘Integrations’. You can scroll through this regularly updated list at any time to see if there’s an integration you’re waiting for in our pipeline.

If there’s any particular integrations that are important to your business and you don’t see it on our list, simply let us know. We aim to prioritise integrations based on popular demand, so the more of our clients that ask us for specific development, the faster they will get built.

When an integration is made available for any one merchant, it will be made immediately available to the rest of our merchants as well. It's our aim to use this community focused method of building our integrations list out until such time that we can cater to the majority of our merchant’s needs without ever requiring extra development.

If you’d like to ask for an integration we do not currently have, please click here to submit your request to our development team.

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