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What’s the difference between the Homepage, Shop page, and Splash Screen?
What’s the difference between the Homepage, Shop page, and Splash Screen?

Which pages can I customise on my App?

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The Homepage, Shop Page, and Splash Screen are the three primary pages you can customise and add content to on your app.

The Cart, Wishlist, and Account pages are preset with all the functionalities needed. You can customise the font, corner style, and colour palette for these pages via “Theme Settings”. To learn how to customise these pages, click here.

Your Splash Screen is the first screen your customers will be greeted with when they first open the App. Your Logo will appear in the middle of the screen with the corresponding background colour. After a few seconds, it will automatically open into the Homepage.

The Homepage of your App is where your customers first land, after the Splash screen, when they open the App, like the homepage of your website.

This is where you want to feature/highlight your most important and relevant content, such as:

  • Main & Popular Collections

  • New & Most Wanted Products

  • New & Seasonal Releases

  • Promotions & Sales

  • Key Information & Messaging: Delivery Information, Contact, & FAQs

  • Other Valuable Content/Media: Blogs, Brand Guides, & Size Guides

Your Homepage should be THE destination for vital and engaging content, ensuring a happy customer journey from end to end.

Find our best practices for designing your app here.

The Shop Page is where all your collections and the search function for your app are housed. A seamless way for your customers to quickly find exactly what they’re looking for or happily browse products.

You can assign engaging imagery to each and organise them appropriately. Our grouped collection feature allows you to create subcategories, creating an uncluttered and streamlined view of your Stores catalogue.

Learn how to add Collections & Grouped Collections to your Shop Page here.

The Wishlist page allows users to save and keep track of items they are interested in purchasing. It provides a convenient way for users to curate their desired products, compare options, and easily access them when ready to make a purchase.

The Cart page is where users can view and manage the items they have added for purchase. It provides a summary of selected products, their quantities, and pricing information. Users can review and adjust their selections and proceed to checkout.

The Account page serves as a personal hub for users, where they can manage their profile information, shipping addresses, payment methods, order history and push notification history. It offers a centralised place for users to update their details, track orders, view past purchases, and access any personalised settings or preferences.

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