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How do I add collections to my shop page?
How do I add collections to my shop page?
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  1. Click on the “Design” tab from the navigation bar at the top of the StoreLab platform.

2. This will open into the Home Page editor. To get to the Shop Page, click on the dropdown menu underneath the navigation bar at the top and select “Shop”. Circled below.

3. Once in the Shop Builder, you can start adding your collections or collection groups.

Not sure where to start? Please see our Shop Page tips below.

Tip: Mimic the setup & hierarchy of collections on your website to ensure your customers are familiar with the navigation on your new App. Add your most popular collections to the top of the page, with collection groups below.

Collections: Choose from all the collections added to your Shopify product & collections manager. They will appear at the top of the Shop Page.

Collection Groups: Add tiers of collections to better organise your inventory, ensuring your customers can find exactly what they’re looking for. Use them for your main product categories with various subgroups, such as Women’s > Clothing > Dresses. You can go two tiers deep. Collection Groups will appear below Collections, using the titles you assign them.

Please see the example below.

4. Once you have an idea of the collections and/or collections groups you want to feature on your Shop Page, start adding them by clicking on the “Add Collection” or “Add Collection Group” button on the left-hand menu Shop papge editor. Circled below.

5. If you chose “Add Colletion” A popup will show on your screen. Select each collection you want to add.

6. Each collection will populate at the top of the shop page.

7. Once you’re happy with your selections you can reorder by dragging and dropping them using the six dotted icon on the right-hand side of the collection list. Circled below.

8. To change a collection image, click the image in the left-hand shop page editor. Circled below.

9. Choose an image from your computer to upload or select one from your media library.

Note: For best results, landscape image orientation is best. Ensure it is in JPG or PNG format and does not exceed 40MB.

10. To save your Shop Page, click the green “save” button in the right-hand corner of the App builder. Circled below.

What’s next? Learn how to add Collection Groups to your Shop Page here.

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