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Why StoreLab?
Why StoreLab?

Why you should choose StoreLab's no-code mobile app builder

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Looking to find out why you should get a mobile app? Click here.

StoreLab was founded on two key beliefs:

  1. Mobile app push notifications are the most powerful marketing tool around

  2. They shouldn’t be restricted to only the biggest businesses

That’s why we never use paywalls. Other providers may get you to sign up to a monthly package, but then ask for further payments to use certain integrations, develop your app, or even use particular push notifications - making app commerce too expensive for up and coming Shopify stores.

We think you should get the same access to high-converting apps as brands like Amazon, ASOS, and Nike, helping your business boost your customer retention, reduce your abandoned carts, and skyrocket your sales.

Here are just some of the results we’ve seen:

  • 3000%+ more Shopify sales

  • 111x return on investment

  • 2x average order value

  • £15,000 made in the first week of app launch

  • 10x more purchases from mobile app traffic vs web

And so much more.

Our expert mobile specialists are on hand for all of our professional clients to help them see the best results possible, maximising their app potential and guiding their mobile strategy.

Take a look at each of our plans below.


With StoreLab, we keep things simple. We have two plans: DIY & Professional, and what you sign up for is what you get. No surprises, no hidden fees, no fuss.

DIY | $79/month

Our DIY plan is perfect for smaller businesses who don’t mind being hands on.

Build your app exactly how you like it with our intuitive app builder and unlimited access to our full range of push notifications.

  • Build Your Own Native IOS & Android App

  • Set-Up Support

  • App Analytics

  • Instant, Scheduled & Abandoned Cart Push Notifications

  • Implementation Expert

If you'd like a hand setting up your app, we do have a handy App Builder add-on for a one off price of $500. If you choose this add-on, one of our expert mobile specialists will set up your app for you and help guide your initial app strategy.

If you'd like our experts to be involved beyond the initial set up, check out our Professional plan below.

Professional | $799/month

Our Professional plan is for those looking to get the best results possible.

You'll get your very own dedicated mobile specialist who'll manage every aspect of your app for you, freeing up your time to focus on other areas of your business.

They'll handle the design and push notification strategy (with your sign-off), as well as analysing your in-app data and reporting back to you every week.

  • All DIY features

  • Dedicated Mobile Specialist

  • A Native IOS & Android App Built for You

  • Set-Up Support

  • App Analytics

  • Key date Sales Strategy (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, January Sales, etc.)

  • Instant, Scheduled & Abandoned Cart Push Notifications

  • Implementation Expert

  • Managed Push Notification Campaigns

  • Personalised Monthly Performance Reports

  • Prioritised Integrations

Want to hear what our Professional plan is like as a customer? Check out Edbia's video below.

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