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Is my mobile website good enough?
Is my mobile website good enough?

Learn why mobile websites don't convert as well as mobile apps

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It depends on what you think is good enough.

On average, a mobile page takes just over 15 seconds to load, and when you take into account that conversion rates drop by 4.4% with each second of load time over 5 seconds - that’s a lot of missed sales (44% worth of missed sales, to be precise). Instead, mobile apps load instantly.

Plus, there are issues with responsiveness, design, and accessibility that makes shopping on mobile websites awkward.

Not to mention, you miss out on the most powerful marketing tool around: push notifications. Push notifications convert 15x better than email and 9x better than SMS, and help tackle one of the most frustrating parts of being an online store owner: abandoned carts.

65% of customers return to the app after a push notification message is sent. So, by setting up an automated push notification to go out when a customer doesn’t complete a purchase, you can direct them straight back to the app to follow through with the payment.

No more missed sales.

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