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What is a mobile app?
What is a mobile app?

Learn about mobile apps and their benefits

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A mobile application (or mobile app) is software specifically designed to run on a mobile device, such as a phone, tablet, or smartwatch.

Currently, some of the most popular mobile apps are WhatsApp, Instagram, and TikTok - but these are what we would call social apps: apps that let you talk, connect, and share content with other people.

Whilst useful, our focus is on shopping apps: apps that showcase a catalogue of products or services your customers can buy. You probably have Amazon downloaded to your smartphone - that’s a shopping app. And we can make one for you.

Mobile apps are far more user-friendly than mobile websites, making them more popular.

In the US, the average smartphone user spends 250 minutes a day on their phone. 227 (91%) of those minutes are spent in apps, whilst just 23 minutes (9%) are spent using a mobile browser - so for every 1 minute spent in browser, around 10 minutes are spent in apps.

What can a mobile app do for you?

For Airebil Apparel, their mobile app is now responsible for 52% of their sales despite only 10% of their total sessions - and a consumer buys 9.3x more from Airebil Apparel’s mobile app vs. their website.

For Mike’s Dive Store, the average order value of their mobile app is double that of their website, helping them reach an 111x return on investment.

Not bad at all.

Whilst a more user-friendly experience is a huge factor behind mobile app sales, the biggest weapon in their arsenal is push notifications.

Push notifications are messages sent directly to your phone screen by mobile apps that you’re not using.

They have a 15x greater conversion rate than email, 9x better conversion rate than SMS, and can boost customer retention rates by 190% over just 3 months..

We’ve used push notifications countless times to drive app traffic, improve conversion rates, attract new customers, and most importantly, boost sales - and you can, too.

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