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What are push notifications?
Updated over a week ago

Push notifications are messages sent directly to your phone screen by a mobile app.

Think of them like a text message that only goes to people who have your app. And, unlike texts, they use real-time in-app data to provide personalised, automated alerts based upon key actions.

For example, one of your customers just added a bunch of items to their cart, but hasn’t completed the purchase. You can set up an abandoned-cart notification to pop up on their phone 30 minutes after they’ve left the app, prompting them to check out.

Or you’ve just started a one-off, 24 hour sale. With push notifications, you can alert all the customers who have downloaded your app and send them directly to the sale page with a single tap.

And they’re non-exclusive. iOS, Android, Fire OS, Blackberry, and whichever other software your app is on can generate a push notification.

Easy, effective messaging right to your customer’s fingertips.

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