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What kind of results can I expect?
What kind of results can I expect?

Learn about the expected performance of your mobile app

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Unfortunately, our Delorean has a flat tire, so we can’t predict the future.

However, we can tell you about the successes our clients have had - and continue to have.

For Airebil Apparel, their mobile app is now responsible for 52% of their sales despite only 10% of their total sessions, meaning their mobile traffic is 10x more likely to purchase compared to their website. Plus, a consumer buys 9.3x more from their mobile app vs. their website.

For Mike’s Dive Store, the average order value of their mobile app is 2x that of their website, helping them reach an 111x return on investment. Currently, their app has a conversion rate of 6.64%.

For Rock Those Curves, they hit 94% of their online sales for 2022 in the first two months of 2023 thanks to a combination of their mobile app and our paid social service.

These are just some of our success stories. Yours could be next.

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