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What metrics can I track on my Analytics Dashboard?
What metrics can I track on my Analytics Dashboard?
Updated over a week ago

On your Analytics Dashboard, you'll find a comprehensive overview of key metrics that give you valuable insights into your app's performance and user engagement.

At the very top of your Analytics Dashboard, you have a high-level view of the following metrics:

  • App Sales: This metric represents the total revenue generated from in-app purchases. It provides an overview of the financial performance of the app.

  • Sessions: Sessions refer to the number of times users interact with the app within a specific timeframe. It helps measure user engagement and the level of activity within the app.

  • Retention: Retention is a metric that measures the percentage of users who continue to use the app over a given period. It indicates the app's ability to retain its user base and reflects user satisfaction and loyalty.

  • Installs: Installs represent the number of times the app has been downloaded and installed on devices. It reflects the popularity and adoption of the app among your customers.

Below are 6 graphs that give you a more detailed view of the following metrics:

  • App Sales: This graph provides a visual representation of the sales performance of the app compared to the previous date range. It helps track the financial success of the app.

  • App Sales by Source: This graph breaks down the app sales based on different acquisition sources, such as direct, push notifications and abandoned cart notifications. It provides insights into the effectiveness of push notifications and abandoned cart notifications in driving app sales.

  • App Activity: This graph illustrates the level of user activity within the app, including metrics such as the number of active users over the date range by each day of the week and time of day. It helps evaluate user engagement and usage patterns within the app, equipping you with the data so you can best formulate your push notification and marketing strategies for your app.

  • Retention: This graph displays the retention rate of users over time, indicating the percentage of users who continue to use the app after their initial installation. It shows you new sessions vs. returning sessions over the selected period. It helps track user loyalty and assess the effectiveness of strategies aimed at retaining users.

  • Sessions by Platform: This pie chart presents the breakdown of user sessions between iOS and Android devices. It provides insights into user behaviour and helps optimise the user experience for each platform.

  • App Installs by Platform: This graph presents the number of app installations by iOS or Android devices. It helps identify which platforms are driving the majority of app installations.

We're continuously enhancing our Analytics Dashboard to provide you with more visibility on the data that can empower your app strategies and take your app to the next level. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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